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This page was last updated: August 10, 2018
  Welcome to Geared 4 Kids!    A program geared toward the needs of the young. This program meets the needs of parents that are not quite ready for their little ones to be cared for in a large group setting; however, they would like for their child to participate in a preschool program.  We specialize in the care and education of children ages 18 months to 5 yrs. old.  We place attention on kindergarten preparedness. We offer after school care for the children enrolled, reinforcing good homework ethics. 

   Geared 4 Kids offer parents the option of a small group size. Our small group enhances a sense of family and community. It fosters better social interaction among children. The small group size  promotes stability and emotional security for every child enrolled, not to mention the advantage it gives the teacher to really get to know your child and create a learning plan "Geared" toward your child's needs. This learning plan will challenge your child's strengths, and support the academic areas that require additional assistance. 

  Geared 4 Kids is unique in the fact that your child will have the same teacher until the next milestone (primary school) and they will be apart of a mixed- age group. Studies show a developmental advantage when children interact with peers above and below their age level. Older children have caring and helping behaviors toward younger children, and a sense of responsibility toward one another are fostered.

  Dramatic Play
   Although we specialize in kindergarten readiness, we realize that play is the primary context in which young children learn and grow. Therefore we consciously and lovingly created plenty of fun "Dramatic Play Centers" that honors children's play and learning. If you have a future Astronaut, then your child will love our "Space Center". Does your child love to draw? Then they will have plenty of practice drawing in our "Illustrator Corner".   Does your  child enjoy caring for animals, then they will love our "Veterinary Center".  You may have a future Engineer, Architect or Zoologist. These are just a few of our Career centers. When children play in the dramatic play centers, they try on various roles. This type of play helps them process and understand their world. They discover what jobs are all about, and what makes our country work. They develop social skills and the ability to get along with others,  while using their imagination and creativity. Click on the pictures below to take a closer look.

Geared 4 Kids Garden & Orchard

  If your child loves nature and the world of plants, then they will enjoy Geared 4 Kids Garden & orchard
  Can you name four parts of vegetable plants?
  Do vegetables grow from seeds?
  Do carrots grow under ground?
  What color is celery?                       
  These are just a few of the things we will learn while working in our garden.

  Pre-K classroom
Your child will have hands on experience through their own personalize academic tables.                 These tables will be prepared for their particular learning style and according to their ability. 
Your child will learn letter recognition, beginning phonics, kindergarten sight words, colors, shapes, numbers, and much more with our engaging video lessons in the "Listen-N-Learn" Center.

Geared 4 Kids comprehensive curriculum prepares your little ones with the essential kindergarten readiness skills required to succeed in kindergarten and throughout their primary school years.

Geared 4 kids is building the foundation for long-term success "preventing" failure in reading, writing, and arithmetic. We give practice in the Common Core State Standards. We provide high quality child care, and Kindergarten Readiness practice to all children enrolled, with no separate or special pricing.
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