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Geared 4 Kids License Day Home was founded in 1993 by Patricia Bell. Patricia has been working in early childhood education since 1980. Research shows that the most important component of quality child care is the staff.
     Mrs. Patricia Bell (better known as) Mrs. Pat has over 35 years experience as a early childhood educator. She holds a Degree in Early Childhood Education. Inspired by a God given vision and a love for children, Mrs. Pat decided to open Geared 4 Kids License Day Home. Understanding the challenges in daycare with large group sizes, and educational gaps in learning, Mrs. Pat wanted to offer families an alternative to your traditional day care settings. Mrs. Pat designed a building that would inspire learning, create a atmosphere of fun and security within a small group setting. Great thought was given in the design of the building which promotes problem solving, decision making, independence, routine, a sense of security and a joyful time to grow and prepare for kindergarten.
       She provides a fun home away from home setting with many  multi-sensory learning opportunities.

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