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Geared 4 Kids License Child Care Home works hard to stay current on the most advanced successful teaching methods. Therefore we use "Handwriting Without Tears" an award-winning "Get Set for School Pre-K readiness program." Pre-K is a critical stepping stone on the road to learning success! Geared 4 Kids curriculum has been carefully designed to help ensure your child has the tools he or she needs to soar in school.
 Our kindergarten readiness and writing program incorporates hands-on strategies including music and movement to teach fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, crayon grasp, drawing, building, letter and number recognition, and number and capital letter formation.

                                      Geared4kids Pre-K Program
 Tables -Your child will have their own individual and personalize work table.
             * Each table will provide your child opportunities to practice and learn new skills.
             * Each table will have manipulatives on them to give your child hands on concrete activities to reinforce 
                each topic.
             * The tables will be adjusted to challenge your child’s growing abilities, their learning style, and fill in the
               educational gap.

Work from workbooks: These workbooks will help children practice and reinforce the Common Core State
                                         State Standards.
Activity Sheets:  They will go home daily
Assessment Test: These test will show if your child has mastered each must-know skill and conclude each section, this will also help keep track of your child’s progress, and identify any area your child is being challenged, as well as provide important practice with standardize bubble test format.

                                      Pre-K Curriculum Scope
Your child will have plenty of practice in each of these must-know Curriculum areas:

Alphabet                                  Reading Readiness                             Word Building
Identifying Letters                     Classifying Objects                              Mastering Sight Words
Sequencing Letters                   Sequencing Stories                              Mastering Color Words
Writing Letters                          Using Pictures to solve problems          Recognizing Similarities
​                                                                                                         Mastering Science & Social Study Words

Numbers                                  Following Directions                            Thinking Skills 
Identifying Numbers                   Identifying Shapes                               Identifying Sets    
Counting                                   Performing Steps in Sequence              Recognizing Relationships
Writing Numbers                       Taking Bubble Test                               Simple Reasoning
​                                                Patterns                                              Building Listening Skill   

The “One Step Further” program encourages the children to take what they’ve learned and apply it to everyday situations, reinforcing their comprehension of the morning activities, while they explore the world around them in the dramatic play centers.
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